Developer Guide

The developer guide is currently available in PDF form here, with an extension document detailing the MPI implementation here.

These documents are intended for anyone looking to develop OP2, or looking for a deeper insight into the operational details. If you just wish to use OP2 in your project then the OP2 C/C++ API should suffice.


These documents have not been updated for a significant amount of time; beware that the information contained may be out-of-date.


To contribute to OP2 please use the following steps :

  1. Clone the OP2 repository (on your local system).

  2. Create a new branch in your cloned repository

  3. Make changes / contributions in your new branch

  4. Submit your changes by creating a Pull Request to the master branch of the OPS repository

Cumulated contributions in the master branch will be included in a new release.